Dawn of the Dread

Scary big basslines.

Dawn of the Dread - Multi-Store Link

The original “Dawn of the Dread” came out in 2015, but was re-released in this single in 2021.

I wanted to have the remix in time for a Halloween 2020 release (which would have put it at about 5 years to the day after the original), but it just didn’t happen. After getting a little more time to bake, the remix gave this slow-roller breakbeat track some “oomph” with a proper drum & bass remix.

I had always thought this would be a good translation. Like Mirror-world, the remix sources many samples from the original work, while turning those elements into something slightly different.

This re-release can now be found anywhere you listen to music, but you can get it cheaper than anywhere using the Bandcamp link below.