Club Control

Watch me take control.

Karl D
Club Control - Multi-Store Link

Club Control is a bold new statement.

The title track leads with some assertive attitude, a shot of heavy tech-house that gets spaced-out in the middle. The bassline thumps through the whole way, leading some more atmospheric elements that keep the vibe going until the end.

This took a lot of time to develop right. While this stands well on it’s own, I needed a second half to this single.

The B-side then became the “Dream and Bass” remix.
This remix takes the original and flips it on its head. The dramatic turn is something like a misremembered, intense view of the original - just like a fleeting dream, and just as vivid in the moment. There’s something very different here, but it’s profound.



Endless Winter

Warm, cozy house.

Karl D

Endless Winter is an EP focused on minimal house. Light rave-inspired touches give unique contrast to chilly, deep-house beats. There’s a warmth here, where you can take comfort.



The center of the storm.

Karl D
Typhoon - Multi-Store Link

Originally released 10 years ago, “Typhoon” was essentially a standalone release. This was always a favorite due to the “fast but slow” nature of this track.

I always saw this as an “imperfect” track, in part due to the unique soundset from the Kaossilator Pro. The loops were recorded and then were sequenced with Ableton. This was an interesting constraint due to an implicit amount of imprecision with recording, which took a few takes.

Like many of my other favorites, the constraints give the track a lot of life, and imperfections are what makes it memorable. “Typhoon” is a track well-deserving of this re-release, just in time for hurricane season.



The Endless Summer

Permanent vacation.

Karl D

November may be pretty late for an album called The Endless Summer to be released, but it depends on your perspective.

The Endless Summer is a (tropical) departure from most of my work, all the tracks come in at 110 bpm, and bring some heavy island inspiration.


Bring Me Joy

Seriously uplifting euphoric hard dance.

Karl D
Bring Me Joy - Multi-Store Link

Although this turned out practically happy-hardcore adjacent, it started with a (maybe surprisingly?) much darker vibe – I think it turned out the right way, reflecting in the melody what the words were saying.

The new single is accompanied with “The Exchange (Hard House Mix)“, a ravey hard house remix of a favorite from Existential Funk.


Dawn of the Dread

Scary big basslines.

Karl D

Dawn of the Dread - Multi-Store Link

The original “Dawn of the Dread” came out in 2015, but was re-released in this single in 2021.

I wanted to have the remix in time for a Halloween 2020 release (which would have put it at about 5 years to the day after the original), but it just didn’t happen. After getting a little more time to bake, the remix gave this slow-roller breakbeat track some “oomph” with a proper drum & bass remix.