Speaking in Tongues / Shrieker

Two solid hard dance tracks back to back.

Karl D
Speaking in Tongues / Shrieker - Multi-Store Link

The premier track on this one is “Speaking in Tongues”, a hard, fast slice of hard dance which draws a lot of influence from psytrance. I suppose this follows a thread I started with The Gateless Gate but with a little more gas.

The B-side “Shrieker” has a little different energy, but doesen’t underwhelm; this bouncy hard house track has an equally dark vibe with a bit of modern “donk” which will give your subwoofer a workout.




A total album remix of life.remixed.

Karl D

Just a little over 6 years ago, I released life.remixed. Similar to what I was able to do for Existential Funk, I wanted to somehow update the release for it’s 5th anniversary.

I’ve been working on this for almost 2 years now, and today I am ready to release this “special edition” of life.remixed: life.refactored.


The Gateless Gate

A higher plane of trance.

Karl D
The Gateless Gate - Multi-Store Link

The namesake of this EP is an interesting, challenging read. Although brief, you could spend a long time trying to understand. What I suppose I get out of it, in short, is non-judgement. This is a hard endeavor for a human and an even harder one for an artist, in particular because an endeavor itself is a form of judgement.

Choosing one thing means rejecting another. I do what I can, however, to “experience” rather than “decide”.


Existential Funk

The original epic that started it all.

Karl D

2008 marked the year of Karl D’s debut commercial album, Existential Funk. The album is a diverse mix of minimal techno, drum and bass, trance, breakbeat, trip-hop, and house.