The center of the storm.

Karl D
Typhoon - Multi-Store Link

Originally released 10 years ago, “Typhoon” was essentially a standalone release. This was always a favorite due to the “fast but slow” nature of this track.

I always saw this as an “imperfect” track, in part due to the unique soundset from the Kaossilator Pro. The loops were recorded and then were sequenced with Ableton. This was an interesting constraint due to an implicit amount of imprecision with recording, which took a few takes.

Like many of my other favorites, the constraints give the track a lot of life, and imperfections are what makes it memorable. “Typhoon” is a track well-deserving of this re-release, just in time for hurricane season.



Electrifying house with a drum and bass rework.

Karl D
Shocking - Multi-Store Link

“Shocking” could now be considered an older favorite of mine (Way back from 2013!), having been a central part of the mix SHOCKED. Although there weren’t enough originals in this mix to warrant an EP release, I really liked this track.

I had been thinking about this track a lot recently, and got inspired to create a drum & bass remix. This fits in really well with the original’s electro style while updating it with some more energy and modern touches. I think the remix is the high point of this release, but I also still like the original.




Buckle your seatbelts.

Karl D

in-flight is a short EP of experimental tech-house. All of the songs were composed exclusively onboard flights on PHX-PHL and PHX-MFR routes. The tracks are presented in a continuous mix (the intended listening experience) as well as individually.




Deep-rooted sounds across the electronic spectrum.

Karl D

life.remixed is sort of a spiritual sequel to Existential Funk. This is the only other LP release I ever did; the ideas here are as big as the sound. All the tracks had a lot of production put into them, and cover a lot of ground. In a lot of ways this is a more mature album than Existential Funk