Club Control

Watch me take control.

Karl D
Club Control - Multi-Store Link

Club Control is a bold new statement.

The title track leads with some assertive attitude, a shot of heavy tech-house that gets spaced-out in the middle. The bassline thumps through the whole way, leading some more atmospheric elements that keep the vibe going until the end.

This took a lot of time to develop right. While this stands well on it’s own, I needed a second half to this single.

The B-side then became the “Dream and Bass” remix.
This remix takes the original and flips it on its head. The dramatic turn is something like a misremembered, intense view of the original - just like a fleeting dream, and just as vivid in the moment. There’s something very different here, but it’s profound.


Fractal / Cubism

On the edge of chaos.

Karl D

Fractal / Cubism - Multi-Store Link

As the name “Fractal” implies; a complex, multipartite piece which weaves in a few different directions. Cerebral, minimal acid techno.

“Cubism” is a techy track which starts with subtle space and peaks with a big acidic bassline. Minimal, yet big on the buildup.




Beats by the pound.

Karl D

The “random beats” series (the namesake of this site) was a collection of Karl D productions which were intended to be a more stripped-down standard of music production than full length albums and single releases. This series spanned 61 tracks across 5 volumes, at 2 hours, 30 minutes of music. Although the domain name preceded the series, it provided the inspiration for the nameless tracks, focusing on the music itself.

pseudorandom is a curated collection of the series, focusing on 14 standout productions (according to yours truly). The release of this compilation offers these tracks in the highest quality ever available.


Existential Funk

The original epic that started it all.

Karl D

2008 marked the year of Karl D’s debut commercial album, Existential Funk. The album is a diverse mix of minimal techno, drum and bass, trance, breakbeat, trip-hop, and house.




Deep-rooted sounds across the electronic spectrum.

Karl D

life.remixed is sort of a spiritual sequel to Existential Funk. This is the only other LP release I ever did; the ideas here are as big as the sound. All the tracks had a lot of production put into them, and cover a lot of ground. In a lot of ways this is a more mature album than Existential Funk