Buckle your seatbelts.

in-flight is a short EP of experimental tech-house. All of the songs were composed exclusively onboard flights on PHX-PHL and PHX-MFR routes. The tracks are presented in a continuous mix (the intended listening experience) as well as individually.

I used the iOS app Groovebox to create these tracks, then stitched them together using Ableton back at home. Although the tracks are shorter and less complex than my typical releases, producing this way was an interesting constraint.

All of the tracks and the mix are presented without any fancy effects, this is as straight-up as it gets. This reminds me a lot of a lot of early stuff I did based on that simplicity, but with a little more cohesion of the individual tracks.

This is a free download! You can click through the link below to download the entire in-flight album, including the individual tracks.