Evening / Things You'll Need to Know

A premier grade re-release of two classics.

Evening / Things You'll Need to Know - Multi-Store Link

Evening / Things You’ll Need to Know revisits in extended single form, two of my favorite tracks from Existential Funk. Within this release are some new remixes along some older ones; undoubtedly the stars of the show are the “Modern” mix of “Evening” and the so-called “Deeper” mix of “Things”.

To highlight these two remixes in particular:

  • “Evening (Modern mix)” is a note-for-note re-creation of the original, but brings the unrestrained style to something a little more precise and distinguished. This is sort of a more foggy take on nu-breaks compared to the ravey original.
  • “Things You’ll Need to Know (Deeper mix)” is titled so because it has a drastically different soundset than the original, and a little more “depth” in this version of the drum and bass track. Like “Evening’s” new take, it is a nearly identical arrangement (with a little different take on the intro) but has a BIG new bassline at the breakdown. The original didn’t skimp on this, and this is a fresh take in a different direction.

This single is available everywhere, but Bandcamp listeners can enjoy special single pricing not available elsewhere! Click on the player below to listen and visit the Bandcamp page.