A tech-trance rollercoaster with enough acid to burn up the dancefloor.

Thrillride - Multi-Store Link

Picking up on the hard-dance tip from where Speaking in Tongues left off, “Thrillride” is a hard trance oriented track but with a lot of techno influence and a hefty amount of dirt.

I really enjoyed how this one evolved, both in producing it and in how it listens. There’s a lot of early 90s influence present here, which is highlighted more in the “Carousel mix”. By contrast, the “Gravitron mix” takes on an “inverted” character, elements of the original were reshaped for a really different sound.

This was a really fun one for me, and I hope equally thrilling for you! Listen to Thrillride on your favorite platform. If you want a copy to keep, the digital single is cheaper on Bandcamp (linked below) than anywhere else.