Into the Void

Going forward means leaving something else behind.

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As a young child, I read a children’s book which covered a number of natural and scientific topics. There is a part which particularly interested me which talked about the death of our Sun, to occur in 5 billion years. I would read this again and again until I was overcome with dread. Looking back this is probably a bit ghastly of a topic for 5-year old readers. As an adult, I have maintained a fascination with space, and find myself with a similar fixation on black holes.

Into the Void is presented as a concept EP in two parts, with a vision of travelling a great distance from Earth to a black hole. Starting from the excitement of beginning a journey, this moves to feelings of dread and timelessness near the end.

The first part of the EP is an exciting and fast-paced set of breakbeat tracks. In the second half, dark, spacy drum and bass takes over, including “Titan”, one of the most dramatic of the entire EP (for that matter, recent memory).