The Gateless Gate

A higher plane of trance.

The Gateless Gate - Multi-Store Link

The namesake of this EP is an interesting, challenging read. Although brief, you could spend a long time trying to understand. What I suppose I get out of it, in short, is non-judgement. This is a hard endeavor for a human and an even harder one for an artist, in particular because an endeavor itself is a form of judgement.

Choosing one thing means rejecting another. I do what I can, however, to “experience” rather than “decide”.

Psytrance was the main inspiration for this EP, although it goes into euro-trance territory in places. “Third Time” is the third version of an older favorite, and “Start to Finish” is an adaptation, rather than a remix or cover of, Bear McCreary’s excellent score from the Walking Dead episode of the same name (S6E8).