Rock the Bells

Keep the heads ringing.

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This album started with a simple concept: a series of tracks centered around common instrumentation. Bells were the centerpiece for all of these songs; they differ drastically, however, in style and tone.

There’s a bit of everything here. Starting with “Nightmare”, which gallops into the album with heavy basslines and a solid 4/4 rhythm; “Trigger Warning” brings the breaks with 808-style beats; “Apex Predator” is an agressive drum and bass throwdown; “Prism” closes up the “main” album with a slice of synth-heavy dream-pop. There’s also a remix of “No Greater Love”, one of the first tracks I ever produced.

There are two VIP mixes for a couple of my favorite cuts on the album, “Prism” and “Apex Predator”.

“Prism” gained some BPM to become a groovy slice of electro-house.

“Apex Predator” stayed mostly the same, although the bassline became a little meaner and the production loses the big hip-hop style to become more…terrifying.