The center of the storm.

Typhoon - Multi-Store Link

Originally released 10 years ago, “Typhoon” was essentially a standalone release. This was always a favorite due to the “fast but slow” nature of this track.

I always saw this as an “imperfect” track, in part due to the unique soundset from the Kaossilator Pro. The loops were recorded and then were sequenced with Ableton. This was an interesting constraint due to an implicit amount of imprecision with recording, which took a few takes.

Like many of my other favorites, the constraints give the track a lot of life, and imperfections are what makes it memorable. “Typhoon” is a track well-deserving of this re-release, just in time for hurricane season.

In this new digital single, “Typhoon” has been backed with two new remixes.

The “Modern” mix is a near step-for-step remake of the original, but getting a slight bit more pace and drawing more from the electro influence. The “Tech-hop” mix brings the tempo way down for a transformation to a thick, syrupy downtempo track with a way different vibe.

The new single can be enjoyed anywhere you listen to music, and can be found cheaper than anywhere else using the Bandcamp link below.