The Endless Summer

Permanent vacation.

November may be pretty late for an album called The Endless Summer to be released, but it depends on your perspective.

The Endless Summer is a (tropical) departure from most of my work, all the tracks come in at 110 bpm, and bring some heavy island inspiration.

The first track “Shipwreck” has some carribean R&B flavor by way of techno; “Suburn” goes into fidget house territory, not skimping on the bass; the last two tracks “The Endless Summer” and “Stay a While” cap off the EP by centering in on the tropical vibes.

This short EP has been in the making for almost 3 years. Most of that time has been getting the tracks right, there were a few more that didn’t make the cut, this is now down to the most special tracks that align with the vision of this EP.

The album title has taken on a new meaning since most people have been staying in pandemic lockdown.

Everyone deserves a break. That’s why in celebration of the redesign of the site, this EP is offered as a free download. You can click through the link below to download the entire The Endless Summer EP, including the individual tracks.